The INTEC Railway GmbH, with it's main office in the EADS-Technologie park of Ottobrunn focuses on the following branches:

  • Railway "Rolling Stock"
  • Railway
  • Intern structure / Railroad
  • Carrier
  • Civilian transportation
  • Aviation und astronautics
  • Military technology
  • Industry
  • Premade Systems
  • Engineering
  • Medical technology
  • Petrochemical plants

Our objective is an economic, specific and individual Solution for customer-friendly products, systems and service.

This combination of "know-how" and competence reflects in the following advantages:

  • Competent servie and advice out of one hand.
  • optimized utilization of synergies and saving-potentials.
  • make it available for customer aspecially security strategic under whole overlook and consideration of the given task

Our partners

Clean and intact environments form the basis for future safety. We take serious responsibility for health, safety and environment and we can, therefore, guarantee that all employees of the INTEC Railway GmbH behave according to our environmental policy, wherever they work, products development, production, i.e. workflow, or waste disposal.

So that claims are fair we co-operate only with the partners, who practise the same philosophy themselves and prove it with legitimate certification and on the spot checks. This means that the impact on the environment, which relates to the product life cycle, is minimized. In the end, our system of environmental management is being constantly optimized and checked for sustainability and this will be of benefit to future generations.

Environmental philosophy

The INTEC Railway GmbH is aware of their joint responsibility for the reservation of natural fundamentals of life and aims to bring ecological responsibility and economic achievements into harmony.

  1. The guidelines of environmental philosophy are obligatory for all the employees and also for all our partners.
  2. Environmental protection is an integral part of the INTEC Railway GmbH quality policy. Ecological compatibility of our activity and our products and processes are being optimized through constant improvements.
  3. Environmental impact is being reduced to minimum. Already choosing our partners and products / technologies we guarantee, that environmental pollution will be minimized, emissions and waste will be reduced and resources will be saved.
  4. We fulfil all the relative environmental laws and regulations and follow the internal rules of behaviour.
  5. Our contract partners are obliged to follow equal environmental guidelines and record it in the documents.
  6. By the consequent environmental management we guarantee, that our environmental philosophy is being successfully realized.

Quality is a basic obligation of the INTEC Railway GmbH.It is provided by systematic quality management of the companies' processes.

The main goal of our quality management is to provide quality not as a result of a single project stage, but as a planned result of quality-related processes and activities all through the stages of designing and production. At the same time, it is vitally important that all processes in the INTEC Railway GmbH constantly target the satisfaction of our customers' wants and needs.

Avoiding systematic mistakes, as well as a decision-oriented approach at every single stage of the process, are important basic principles. Corresponding quality-provision actions are applied in all routine work and accompany the processes, which after consultation, we realize by means of planning and developing client-related issues and services. So, quality arises from services and products / systems as an integral part of the result in the INTEC Railway GmbH.